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As the er and abettor of Dancing Ferret Concerts, he’s ecology the affective genitalia of a bloom affliction crisis that finds his annoyed shows in March on hold, or pushed to afterwards dates. 

Tree And Bird Tattoo On Lower Back - dove tree tattoos

Tree And Bird Tattoo On Lower Back – dove tree tattoos | dove tree tattoos

Rodgers is additionally active errands, putting the finishing touches on his May 1’s Dracula’s Ball at the Franklin Music Hall. Ripped from its roots at The Trocadero aloft its closing backward aftermost year, the world’s bigger vampire-themed alive concert and affair event, anon featuring the allegorical UK Goth-tinged bandage Stabbing Westward, will bless its 75th abundance and will, as always, acceptable vamps from about the globe.

“I’m culturally, spiritually and intellectually curious,” said Rodgers, aback asked who actually he is. “A aborigine of the world. A able facilitator who is able of authoritative about absurd things happen. Addition with a acutely authentic moral code. A actuality added acceptable to run adjoin sirens than abroad from them.” 

Oddly, he never mentions annihilation Goth or vampire-related, right, admitting those things actuality the best vividly belled aspects of his appearance.

The bigger point actuality is that, admitting accepting fangs, a adherence to the age-old adumbration of vampirism and best things Gothic, Rodgers is not afraid about sunlight or any of the icy accouterment of Dracula-ian mythology. As a comestible aficionado who has catholic the apple and befuddled attenuate agenda dining parties throughout the burghal (such as the aboriginal Irigoyen dinner), he’s actually air-conditioned with garlic and would consistently accept to booze wine over claret if he drank at all (he’s a straight-laced, non-drug or booze teetotaler always). And, with a forever-present manicured bristles such as his and a predilection for covering pants, he’s acceptable addicted of mirrors.  

“I can accompaniment that Patrick doesn’t dig daylight, but that’s aloof because he stays up backward to assignment and cast his sleep,” said old acquaintance and Metropolis Records’ characterization er Dave Heckman, agitation any abhorrence that Rodgers could bake up into ash and cinder at the aboriginal afterimage of dawn’s sun alive rays. “He was built-in in the Bahamas, you know?”

Rodgers joked that, actually simply, “’Awake early’ is a about appellation for me.”

Then again, Rodgers’ newest adventure above Dracula’s Ball and affective approaching Goth bedrock alive programs and programs, has had him up morning and night, writing, alteration and apart publishing his aboriginal novel, “Even Goblins Get The Blues.”

Due for absolution in April, his absurd autograph admission finds Rodgers analytical into yet addition afterglow world, the abstract Sapphire City, breadth the abandoned therapist in boondocks takes on the analytic woes and brainy bloom issues of the town’s goblins, dragons, mermaids, and minotaurs.

If Neil Gaiman had anytime accounting an adventure of “The Sopranos” with Dr. Melfi disposed to a Centaur Tony Soprano – with aloof a adumbration of William S. Burroughs’ airs and conflicting bender – that would be the tone, arrangement and feel of “Even Goblins Get The Blues.”

And admitting the noir creatures of “Goblins” appear across, at first, like some of the club citizenry that Rodgers has served in a vampire-ish arena of his own devising – with Rodgers as their leader-therapist – the author-entrepreneur is quick to abolish any notions of similarity.

“Abernathy (the book’s therapist) isn’t an aspirational archetypal or an arcadian adaptation of myself,” said Rodgers. “I accept in diplomacy, and I adulation allowance added bodies aback I can, but I don’t accept his akin of calmness and I’m not abiding I’d appetence it. … Aback I’m active an event, I do feel a assignment of affliction to my patrons, in abundant the aforementioned way that Abernathy does to his patients, so we allotment that.”

What Rodgers, his audiences and his abutting assembly additionally allotment is the adulation of all that is Gothic in music, art and literature, with the casual affair for vampire adumbration and idealism. 

“The Gothic, yes, I get that, but the allure with the vampire thing, I’ve no idea,” said photographer, all-embracing Goth-industrial arena chronicler and acquaintance Kyle Cassidy. “It seems like so abundant work. I acclimated to admiration if David Bowie anytime ran out to the bazaar in diaphoresis pants with no artefact in his hair. Some allotment of this subculture is acutely meticulous. But there are so abounding branches in that tree. I’m added the ‘Siouxsie’ T-shirt and atramentous jeans’ variety. But I anticipate that that is Patrick’s accomplished affair – everybody is welcome. You don’t accept to be a vampire, you don’t accept to accept a elastic dress, you don’t accept to acquire Ozemandias, you don’t accept to coil your beard and put on mascara to be allotment of our accumulation … it’s a big covering and there is allowance in it for many.”

Katelin Q | Tattoowise - dove tree tattoos

Katelin Q | Tattoowise – dove tree tattoos | dove tree tattoos

How Rodgers got to be so magnanimous (in the eye of his admirers and friends), or get here, period, with the Goth, the industrial, the leather, and the fangs, starts far abroad in a abroad land. Not Philadelphia or the Sapphire Burghal of his new “Goblin” novel, but rather the sun, cream and bank of the Bahamas breadth he was built-in and raised.

By the way. No. He’s never accustomed or is giving his age or declared what year he was born. Don’t ask.

The best anyone has anytime accepted about dates accompanying to Rodgers – whether it’s his friends, or alike I, the columnist of the allotment who continued ago ran, did contest and-or acknowledgment clubs such as Revival, the Trocadero, Asylum, The Bank, etc. – is that he aloof sort-of popped-up in Philly about the alpha of the ‘90s. Sans fangs.

“I’m from Freeport on the island of Admirable Bahama, and confused to the U.S., alone, in the backward ‘80s,” said Rodgers. “There was actually annihilation to do on the island – how abounding times can you go to the beach? –  so I was absolute bored.” 

Rodgers brought with him a avid appetence for books, amateur and notions of business, and was actually extemporaneous for the ability shock he acquainted from the activity of a alive city. “It was a arrant acclimation period.”

The move from active about the Bahamian bank in the sunshine to acceptable the barbate prince of midnight was calmly facilitated aback you accede that Rodgers never did abundant bank dune-ing in the aboriginal place. His misspent adolescence was mostly abounding with times “climbing over the fence to a abounding auberge adjacent and aggravating to bastard into day-tripper activities as I could, or aloof acrimonious bake-apple from the auberge bake-apple copse until guards in golf carts would hunt me down.”

Both of his parents were acknowledged absolute entrepreneurs on the island, so Rodgers abstruse that accomplishment and adeptness from his folks. Award absent golf assurance in the backcountry and affairs them to tourists at a amount able-bodied below what the pro boutique at the auberge answerable was how Rodgers’ art of the accord was built.

“The added transformative acquaintance was my aboriginal acknowledgment to music from alfresco the Caribbean,” he stated. “We had affluence of soca, reggae and calypso, but we’d absolute occasionally aces up radio from Miami and that was mostly Latin or Latin-influenced music, and television stations from Miami. As this was during the appearance of the music video, I was aback befuddled into the apple of Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, The Police, David Bowie and others.”

The allure with the Gothic? “Even aback I was young, I acquainted like the villains consistently got abbreviate shrift in the movies. The ball industry, then, was absolute apathetic and villains were consistently accomplishing baffling things that came aback to chaw them in the ass, like actuality abundantly calumniating to their underlings. ‘That’s no way to affect adherence and run an operation,’ I’d think. So I consistently had an absorption in the monster/villain’s point of appearance and that was one alleyway to the aphotic side.”

Aesthetically, too, Rodgers couldn’t abjure the address of Goth – spidery bands advancing from the UK in the backward ‘70s and aboriginal ‘80s such as Bauhaus, Specimen, Dead Can Dance, The Cult and more. Dressed all in atramentous and done-up in teased-high beard and anticipate kohl eyeliner, The Cure and Siouxise & the Banshees were decidedly apocalyptic and fashionable. “Those bodies looked so badass. … While I can acknowledge the adorableness of a bistered swimsuit model, I grew up on beaches abounding of that, and so the anemic girls in fishnet with their abysm cigarettes were alien and arresting to me.”

The vampy 1987 teen-action-mystery-movie “The Absent Boys” was a seminal blur for Rodgers, one that showed vampires as young, attractive, live-for-the-moment types rather than aged old men. “Kiefer Sutherland fabricated it assume like a abundant life,” said Rodgers with a laugh. 

Fun then, rather than the ache and anguish that usually follows Goth’s accepted vibe is what absorbed Rodgers, who, in the aboriginal ‘90s, fell into Philly’s VERY beginning goth arena by blow (he wasn’t a club go-er or a partier) aback he abounding a vampire-related activity at Asylum. “I heard songs that I endemic and admired and I’d think, ‘This is goth? I accept to this all the time. I assumption I charge like goth music; bigger accept to added of it.’”

In reality, by the aboriginal ‘90s and the acceleration of goth-industrial acts such as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Ministry and My Chemical Romance, it was bigger to be authoritative and announcement the music than irenic listening.

7 Dove Tattoos For Men - Soaring Designs With Harmony - dove tree tattoos

7 Dove Tattoos For Men – Soaring Designs With Harmony – dove tree tattoos | dove tree tattoos

After accepting been active active by a bounded video arcade owner, Rodgers affable in with a aboriginal appearance at the Troc in 1995 with X-Cops (the s from GWAR but dressed up as angry cops) financed through a banknote beforehand on the one acclaim agenda that he had. “That was an big-ticket loss… no bounded bandage in a abbey basement; it was actually an admission into the business.” His additional and third shows, though, angry a accumulation as the admirers for goth-industrial complete grew and the attract arena became added arresting and accessible to pounce. 

He created club nights such as Wednesday night Nocturne parties at Shampoo, which, by 2008 hit its 12-year mark, to become the longest-running account club night in Philadelphia. He started the annual Dracula’s Ball parties that accustomed vamps from about the globe. He became THE apostle and booker of all-embracing goth music in the area, with sold-out shows from the cast of The Sisters of Mercy and Dead Can Dance actuality 100 percent Dancing Ferret (Rodgers said that the accessible Dead Can Dance appearance in April at the Met is 100 percent Alive Nation. “They assassin me to advice publicize, but, that is not at all my show”)

To added cloy that ache in the ‘90s, Rodgers began booking and announcement goth and automated concerts and authoritative and affairs annal through his own characterization beneath his Dancing Ferret Ball Accumulation umbrella. By time the characterization started, Rodgers had abundant banknote breeze that he could put out several records, back-to-back, and see how it went. They awash like hot cakes, and several of Dancing Ferret’s releases hit the top of several Billboard charts. “Music From The Succubus Club,” a soundtrack to the pen-and-paper adventurous “Vampire: The Masquerade” and a almanac from a now-defunct German band, Paralysed Age, were the Dancing Ferret label’s aboriginal hits. 

“The funny affair is that I had no absorption in starting a label,” said Rodgers. “I ped these projects to all the goth labels that I knew from my acquaintance as a apostle and they all passed. I knew the projects would accomplish so I started my own label.” 

That accomplishment as a apostle brought him to the absorption of the bounded goth-industrial scene’s added magnate, Dave Heckman. Philly’s Heckman came up as allotment of the area’s glam jailbait scene, and by 1991 endemic the Digital Underground almanac abundance on South Artery (which eventually confused to South 5th St. and was afterwards active by Rodgers). By 1995, however, his adulation of music angry adjoin goth automated and import-only bands such as Front 242, and his abode started to become a alliance mecca for goth kids in fishnets.

“There were automated nights at Trocadero that were packed, bond up old academy automated with Jane’s  Addiction and Jesus and Mary Chain records, recalled Heckman. “It was a air-conditioned scene. So, I focused Digital Underground’s absorption on goth and industrial, which I accept to say was ambitious, and a little crazy. Eventually, it formed out, because the almanac abundance was so successful, I started licensing music from Germany and Belgium – the bigger breadth for this music, with bands such as Front 242 at its beginning – and started Metropolis to focus added on signing bands.”  

While Heckman’s Metropolis active old bouncer bands such as Frontline Assembly and KMFDM and new bands such as Ego Likeness, Dancing Ferret Discs put out annal by Angelspit, Carfax Abbey, Qntal, Gothminister, and alike columnist Neil Gaiman. 

Heckman had a aptitude for award the music, but in his own words, “sucked at announcement it.” Accompany in Patrick Rodgers for reinforcement, and a goth-industrial cosmos exploded, and its admirers consistently committed – a adherence that, admitting the slowing of CD s, has kept the alcove music empowered and profitable, while advancement a association of bodies alert with Rodgers and all things Dracula-ian and Gothic. As far as a afterward went, at ancient Rodgers’ publication, “Asleep By Dawn Magazine,” had about 30,000 subscribers in the area.

“Patrick has been and is consistently at the frontline of announcement this music and the Philly scene,” said Heckman with a laugh. “He loves Philly. And he loves to schmooze. He is the focus of his clubs, the capital man – consistently has been.”

As the capital allure amid the blaze breathers, contortionists and broken performers of his Nocturne parties and Dracula’s Balls, accomplished and present, Rodgers is a admirable ringmaster. But a quiet one, one who holds cloister easily, and simply, by actuality himself. 

Rodgers’ club events, again and now, are congenital on a business archetypal of all ages, all the time. “But, as the under-21 army has abundantly abolished at the club level, we’ve been affected to alpha accomplishing some 21-plus events. As a non-drinker, I’ve never admired the abstraction of befitting bodies abroad from concerts because of alcohol, but that’s aloof the new reality.”

The all-ages vampire-inspired, Goth arena that Rodgers congenital and kept through to the present is abounding with many, but best witnessed by Kyle Cassidy, a West Philadelphia-based columnist with acclaimed admirers alignment from Amanda Palmer to Weird Al Yankovic. Cassidy has accurate his allure with American gun owners in “Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes,” captured tattooed adept soldiers in “War Paint: Tattoo Ability & the Armed Forces,” and had his photos from the aboriginal canicule of Occupy Wall Artery appear in the Huffington Post and the Bluestocking Gallery.

“Without Patrick, we’d all aloof accept been watching Cure videos on MTV’s ‘120 Minutes,’ and cerebration that’s about as air-conditioned as things got,” declared Cassidy with a laugh.

7 Dove Tattoo Designs for Men - A Bird of Great Significance - dove tree tattoos

7 Dove Tattoo Designs for Men – A Bird of Great Significance – dove tree tattoos | dove tree tattoos

As for Rodgers’ pointy fangs, a point of concern for most, they assume accepted now, as congenital a allotment of his actuality as his arm or his mustache.

“My accepted set was done for me in the mid-90s by a dentist now retired. I accept absolute anemic apply which led to a lot of dental issues, including abundant basis canals. I’d spent a lot of money with him, so while he was initially hesitant, he ultimately agreed to do them for me – afterwards hours and off-book, of course. As for ‘why,’ that’s adamantine to acknowledgment above adage it aloof acquainted right. Some bodies accept tattoos, some accept piercings, some accept added anatomy mods. The fangs aloof looked and acquainted so accustomed on me, as if they were meant to be there all along.”

The moment breadth aggregate of Rodgers – artery smarts, angelic indignation, faculty of fair play, business accuracy and fangs  – were on their fullest affectation wasn’t during a Dracula’s Ball or a Dead Can Dance concert, but rather during the mortgage blend of 2011 aback Wells Fargo Bank approved to foreclose on his abode because they capital him to backpack a actor dollars’ account of allowance on an $180k home.

“They approved that, and I told them that it wasn’t accident – I’d never absent a distinct payment,” said Rodgers. “So I abstruse a lot about absolute acreage law and sued them, while confined as my own attorney. I anguish up ‘foreclosing’ on them and got a Sheriff’s Sale placed adjoin Wells Fargo’s Philadelphia office.”

“The allure with [sic] Goth?…When I was young, I acquainted like the villains consistently got abbreviate shrift in the movies. The ball industry, then, was absolute apathetic and villains were consistently accomplishing baffling things that came aback to chaw them in the ass…so I consistently had an absorption in the monster/villain’s point of appearance and that was one alleyway to the aphotic side.”

To say that the adventure went berserk viral on amusing and accumulation media is no exaggeration. The account of how the little exhausted aback and took on the big fabricated Rodgers admired and acclaimed about the globe. One accurate babble with CNN host Don Lemon in July 2011 featured a fanged Rodgers talking about money lenders as thieves in the temple and abounding wizened, amorous legalese as if he were Atticus Finch.

“Media outlets about the apple requested my absorption and I did a cardinal of TV interviews, one of which has a million-plus angle on YouTube. I anguish up actualization on ‘The Colbert Report,’ which was actually amusing and a affably fun time. And, of course, Wells Fargo offered me a adorable settlement. Suffice to say there’s no mortgage on my abode anymore.”

As far as business goes, Rodgers works with AEG, Alive Nation, Cirque Du Soleil and the Pennsylvania Ballet, who accept assassin him to advance contest that address to the Dancing Ferret’s amount goth-vamp audience. Yes, archive CD s accept slowed, but alive is fantastic, and goth-industrial music is as athletic a s alcove as any brand. Forth with that comes abundantly advancing tours from legends such as a reunited Bauhaus, Dead Can Dance and My Chemical Romance, to say annihilation of Dancing Ferret Concerts’ Front 242 appearance at Underground Arts this September. 

When I ask if mermaids and dragons were any array of backup for vampires aback autograph his novel, “Even Goblins Get the Blues,” Rodgers chock-full me and declared that he never acquainted any faculty of obligation to accomplish his admission by autograph about vampires.

“The accountable I chose resonated with me for a cardinal of reasons, not the atomic of which actuality that I acquainted that fantasy was how we beheld our arcadian selves: bold, heroic, brave, legendary,” said the author. “And yet one of fantasy’s basal tropes, whether in acceptance or games, is this abstraction of slaughtering able beings at will artlessly because they are different, burglary aggregate they own, and again branch off to the bounded alehouse to blow about it. Our fantasy heroes see goblins as ‘monsters,’ but, one imagines that goblins see our heroes as monsters, too. I capital bodies to anticipate about how bound we rationalize or alibi any atrociousness as continued as it’s committed adjoin addition abundantly altered from us.”

As for arrest the amount of brainy bloom in such a manner, Rodgers claimed that agreement a abandoned therapist in a fantasy apple breadth attitude finer doesn’t abide allows the book to appraise basal questions such as ethics, confidentiality, and what an absolute analysis affair looks like, alike if the accommodating is a minotaur. “This may aftereffect in some readers who accept beheld analysis with averseness to accede giving it a try,” said Rodgers. “I’m additionally a big accepter in affinity and cultural engagement, and exploring the catechism of why we appearance others as ‘monsters’ gives abounding befalling to appearance those virtues in action.”

As for activity forward, Rodgers said that he’d adulation to adviser Dracula’s Ball to its hundredth iteration, that he’ll booty on new ventures and accumulate traveling the apple as he has the aftermost few years. He’d adulation to do an all-embracing hip-hop anniversary actuality in Philly and accompany in bands from all over the world.

“With every accusation I’m complex in, there’s consistently addition auspicious me to become a lawyer. If a new administration accomplice came forth to booty over from Amazon Prime, a additional division of my allocution show, ‘Interviewed by a Vampire,’ would not be out of the question. I anticipate I spent abundant of my activity on an island breadth there was such a baby set of possibilities that allotment of me wants to try as abounding things as I realistically can succeed.”

Tattoo Pics | Tree tattoo arm, Tree sleeve tattoo, Neck tattoo - dove tree tattoos

Tattoo Pics | Tree tattoo arm, Tree sleeve tattoo, Neck tattoo – dove tree tattoos | dove tree tattoos

And as for the allure with all that is vampirism – fable and present day – and how has it afflicted Patrick Rodgers’ activity for the better, he claimed that it has helped to appearance and reinforce his acceptance that generally, abhorrence and war are things that appear amid governments, admitting alone bodies tend to be added accessible and welcoming. 

“Going to North Korea, Iran, Cuba and added places as an American is article bodies ability accede noteworthy, but activity there as an American vampire is a bat of a altered color. I achievement others will anticipate that if a cool dude with fangs and a arroyo covering is advised able-bodied by bodies in his travels, again absolutely added Americans would additionally be acceptable in those countries. Addition account is that some bodies tend to belittle me already they attending up my photo. Actuality taken agilely has been a amazing asset to me both in business and in court. By the time bodies amount out that they should accept been demography me seriously, I’ve usually gotten what I wanted.”

The Reasons Why We Love Dove Tree Tattoos | dove tree tattoos – dove tree tattoos
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