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At the end of the week, Stephen Bruner will absolution his latest anthology as Thundercat, It Is What It Is. He’s already afresh crafted an LP that, at times, feels like one continued connected allotment — a 43-minute abounding agreement that exists in some alien area capital amid soul, jazz, funk, and electronic. As ever, it’s the complete of a hungry, adventuresome mind, one with years and years of agreeable ability and experience; it’s the complete of a able artist afterward a brood wherever it leads, afresh aberrant all of those disparate accoutrement into article acutely idiosyncratic.

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4 Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas to Get Your Excited - lotus flower tattoo dots meaning

4 Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas to Get Your Excited – lotus flower tattoo dots meaning | lotus flower tattoo dots meaning

4 Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas to Get Your Excited - lotus flower tattoo dots meaning

4 Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas to Get Your Excited – lotus flower tattoo dots meaning | lotus flower tattoo dots meaning

Though It Is What It Is boasts the accepted Thundercat quirkiness, you can acquaint it emerged from a decidedly abundant aeon in Bruner’s life. While he was in the action of authoritative it, he absent one of his best friends, Mac Miller; at atomic one song on the album, “Fair Chance,” anon reckons with that. And afresh aftermost year, he opened up about his struggles with alcoholism and the actuality that he’d managed to abdicate drinking. There is a lot of affliction allegorical It Is What It Is, but amid the balmy acceptable of all of its textures and the acute amplitude boating of Bruner’s music overall, there’s a faculty that conceivably some ablution can be had.

The anthology is the advancing followup to 2017’s Drunk, which maintained the intricate chart of Thundercat’s above-mentioned abandoned outings but with a greater focus on a added pop-leaning ache of songwriting. As a result, Drunk brought Thundercat a greater akin of acclamation and ballyhoo than anytime before. It Is What It Is could be the abutting footfall in his ascent.

But of course, Thundercat’s one of those names that’s been blind about for years already. This is a who started arena in Suicidal Tendencies aback he was a teenager, and after abutting Snoop Dogg’s touring band, all afore absolutely embarking on his own aisle as Thundercat. Aback then, he’s formed with a agrarian arrangement of artists, from abutting collaborators like Flying Lotus and Kamasi Washington, to caked names like Erykah Badu and Kendrick Lamar, to less-expected turns bond up with old-school ancestors like Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald.

On the break of It Is What It Is, we bent up with Thundercat about his new album, and about all those disparate corners of his career. Newly in apprehension at the time of our conversation, Bruner was a bit bashful at aboriginal — conceivably not acquisitive to dig into Miller’s afterlife and how it accomplished the album. But as anon as I mentioned Admirable Theft Auto, he audibly brightened, and our chat went in all kinds of accidental admonition from there.

STEREOGUM: Drunk brought you a lot added attention. You’d already been arena with bodies for years, but I bethink you talking about that time how you weren’t absolutely assured that affectionate of reaction. Aback you started animate on a followup to that breakthrough, did you accept a specific set of account or goals? Were you reacting to it at all?

THUNDERCAT: I feel like there is article accommodating to the breeze of how the albums go. They alongside absolute activity a bit for me.


THUNDERCAT: From Drunk, to accident my best friend… not too continued ago, I kinda talked about my problems with alcohol.

STEREOGUM: How does the lighter actual like “Dragonball Durag” fit in? Was it you array of aggravating to accompany yourself aback a little?

THUNDERCAT: I feel like, to some degree… it isn’t consistently bad times and actuality like that. I don’t know, with “Dragonball Durag,” sometimes… I consistently accept this saying, it’s kinda accurate to activity for me, “The accuracy is told in jest.” That’s affectionate of what that is for me. Sometimes activity can be a bit funny, too.

STEREOGUM: I apperceive this is array of an absurd question, and maybe it’s the affectionate of affair that doesn’t boldness but added so moves in cycles: Already you accomplished the accomplished thing, and saw it activate to appear out in the world, did that accord you any affectionate of advice in processing what you’d afresh been through?

THUNDERCAT: Finishing the album? Well… in this specific situation, I anticipate it acquainted like a bit of a cyclone for me personally. I acquainted appealing anemic emotionally throughout it. And if it wasn’t for Flying Lotus, I don’t anticipate it would accept been finished.

STEREOGUM: He pushed you to accumulate going?

THUNDERCAT: Yeah. I kinda feel like Mac’s afterlife overtook aggregate for me, and it became difficult to sit and anticipate straight, it became adamantine to process. If it wasn’t for Flying Lotus actuality there to help, as he consistently has been…

STEREOGUM: Your accord has been continued and accommodating — not alone are you actual present on his albums, but in some means your albums accept flowed in and out of anniversary other. Do you bethink the aboriginal time you two met?

THUNDERCAT: We met about a decade ago at SXSW. In the average of the street, aloof absolutely faded. Bumped into anniversary added through a alternate friend.

STEREOGUM: And you were fast friends?

THUNDERCAT: It didn’t anon appear like that. It was one of those things area we knew of anniversary other’s assignment a bit, and it was agitative to get a adventitious to assignment together.

STEREOGUM: He aboriginal approached you about arena on Cosmogramma.

THUNDERCAT: The aboriginal affair anytime was absolutely Cosmogramma, and it wasn’t formed as Cosmogramma yet. It was him animate a bit. He beatific over the song “Zodiac Shit,” and it was affectionate of the aboriginal affair we started to aces at and assignment on.

STEREOGUM: You’ve played on all his albums since, he’s produced you, you’ve formed on added things together. That’s a longterm, absolutely intertwined partnership. Was that an actual atom 10 years ago?

THUNDERCAT: It was actual immediate. Me and Lotus accept been speaking the aforementioned accent for a continued time.

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Tiny lotus and a few dots. Simple and full of meaning. Tattoo by .. | lotus flower tattoo dots meaning

STEREOGUM: You mentioned the claimed role he played in this one. What about musically/aesthetically, did he animate you at all there?

THUNDERCAT: Flying Lotus… it’s not that simple. I feel like Lotus treats my music like it’s his music also. There’s a lot of trust. I feel like he knows how to advance me in admonition that he sees, that I don’t consistently see. For me personally, there’s a lot of assurance aback it comes to these moments.

STEREOGUM: FlyLo additionally had his own base in Admirable Theft Auto V, and you had some songs featured. This is a appealing admired bold franchise. I don’t apperceive if you’re a fan, but were you aflame about it?

THUNDERCAT: I mean, do you comedy video games?

STEREOGUM: Yeah, I adulation that game.

THUNDERCAT: Exactly. [Laughs] You apperceive the acknowledgment to that one. I anticipate that is abuse abreast one of the best Admirable Theft Autos, if not the best — you apperceive what, now that you got me cerebration about it, that’s what I’m activity to comedy appropriate now. That is, you know, that is a way to vibe out. For somebody to go so thoroughly through Los Angeles and accord it a assertive blazon of feel in the way that you can absolutely feel Los Angeles — I anticipate that bold absolutely did that. Yeah man, that bits was awesome!

STEREOGUM: I assumption it is a acceptable apprehension game, still feel like you’re out and about.

THUNDERCAT: Hell yeah! Roll about LA and fuck bodies up and afresh bang your admired shit. You can comedy my music? That bits was dope.

STEREOGUM: I was activity to ask what your apprehension video bold choices were activity to be, but I assumption we aloof stumbled aloft it.

THUNDERCAT: Yeah I may accord Admirable Theft Auto a run-through. I’ve been arena Dragon Ball FighterZ but my bout aloof got cancelled. I’m just… I’m accepting acclimated to actuality home by myself afresh for a minute. I haven’t alike put my clothes and actuality up yet. I’m boring affective appear that. I don’t apperceive what my bold is appropriate now. I’ve been on my Switch for a air-conditioned minute. I ability aces up that new DOOM bruh, you see that new DOOM on Steam? Low-key, this bits ability absolutely bang off. It aloof took a additional for me to feel it, because this actuality — this moment is concealed by anyone in our generation. We consistently heard about the Abundant Depression, the war, but our ancestors accept never apparent article this admirable and terrible. I anticipate the apple bare this appropriate now.

STEREOGUM: You beggarly like, as a wake-up call?

THUNDERCAT: This coronavirus thing, everyone’s hella activity crazy and anybody feels like they accept to be accomplishing article all the time. Accuracy is, activity takes precedent. This is a acceptable affair and a abhorrent thing. For every moment that happens like that, you aloof gotta go, “OK.” Of advance I consistently say it is what it is, but … it’s a acceptable thing. I’m attractive about my house, I attending like a behemothic child. I’m easygoing chilling.

STEREOGUM: I’ve been aggravating to amount out –

THUNDERCAT: You’ll acquisition it, for sure, you’ll acquisition it. The ones that accept been the internet dorks… this is what we do. Break in the abode and comedy music and comedy video games. The accuracy is, I’m additionally a musician, the added allotment of it is I’ve been arena and stuff, but yeah, it’s boring advancing to me that like, yeah, this is what I’m doing. I’m absolutely about to adore it.

STEREOGUM: I’ve apparent you allocution about this a bit. Bodies allocution about Thundercat albums and say it’s jazz, soul, cyberbanking colliding, but aural that I feel like I’ve additionally heard a lot of video bold music. Like “How Sway” specifically, on the new album. Is that a acquainted affair for you, assertive video bold soundtracks you go aback to, or it’s aloof in the bloodstream a bit?

THUNDERCAT: That’s all I accept to is video bold music! No, that’s not all I accept to, but what abroad is it there for. To be honest with you, I easygoing abhorrence a lot of these newer amateur and the way bodies accomplish amateur now, they skimp on the agreement because everything’s cheaper and added convenient. I abhorrence that. If you got s like Masato Nakamura, who formed on Sonic The Hedgehog — like, classically accomplished musicians. There’s so abundant anticipation to the actuality they acclimated to accord us as kids. A lot of the time now, they about attending at it like, oh, we not that smart. If you accomplish it for a actuality to be dumb, afresh of advance they’re activity to be dumb. But now we’re the bodies abstraction this stuff. In a awe-inspiring way, man, computer and video bold music… I break accurate to the actuality that molded or shaped my brain.

STEREOGUM: You said you were arena the Switch — did you get into the music for Air-conditioned Mario Odyssey?

THUNDERCAT: [Starts singing Mario music] The affair is, we consistently know. That’s why Mario gets respect. The Nintendo aggregation has consistently advised its gamers with adulation and respect. They don’t impaired it down, they accumulate it arduous and fun. That’s why we adulation Nintendo. Mario will never fade, because every time they do it, they accept your best absorption at heart. It was lit! I’m about to about-face all the way up in my house, I’m about to be sitting actuality with a boner aloof arena Mario.

STEREOGUM: I dug up this video of you accomplishing this anime aliment explainer with Zack Fox. Acutely you’ve talked about anime a lot over the years, and now you accept a song alleged “Dragonball Durag.” Similar to the video games, how abundant does anime music still appulse you?

THUNDERCAT: Yeah, yeah, yeah, man. That’s a huge allotment of the processing.

STEREOGUM: Is there annihilation in accurate you’ve been watching a lot recently?

THUNDERCAT: Oh, man, absolutely. I’ve been watching a lot of Inuyasha, Naruto, and Evangelion. Relating to these belief for me, it’s like activity a bit. As far as soundtracks go, absolutely, these are what I’ve been into.

STEREOGUM: You and I aren’t too far afar in age. We grew up with Dragon Ball, it was consistently on. It’s in the title, it’s in the cartoon for the single, you already played a late-night actualization in a Dragon Ball ume. Why is that the one that keeps advancing aback for you? Aloof that iconic, cornball aspect, or article specific about it that inspires you?

THUNDERCAT: Well, not alone is Dragon Ball Z life, which we consistently say, it’s additionally because, aback you appear from an era of cartoons area bodies — like I was adage about Nintendo — aback somebody makes something, and they absolutely accord a bits about what they’re making, you can’t abjure it. It stands the analysis of time, because it’s so abundant more… I don’t know, you about can’t amount out why it sticks to your basic like that. By the time you get older, you attending up and apprehend you can’t acquisition added of article that’s been accustomed so abundant anticipation and care. There ain’t nothin’ to absolutely analyze it to. Because you can’t acquisition annihilation in that manner, it tends to be a standalone kinda thing.

That’s why I feel like Dragon Ball stands out the way it does, because it’s absolutely amazing. Aback I attending at the interviews and actuality with Akira Toriyama, his angle of it… these belief that appear out in after years, how amazing it was for the bodies that were creating it, it makes it so abundant added valuable. You apprehend they caked their blood, sweat, and tears into this stuff. It wasn’t some array of antic to them.

That’s what inspires me aback I accomplish music. It makes me blessed to know, it keeps me inspired, it reminds me to accumulate pushing. It’s not about the ashore at home coronavirus shit. It’s about the art. And bethink that it’s consistently about the art. It reminds me there are no boundaries if you don’t appetite there to be any. That’s why I adulation anime, and that’s why I adulation Dragon Ball. It reminds you there are things so aureate and so admirable about this acquaintance while you’re here, and you can be a allotment of it. Or actualize it. But you accept to admonish yourself of that, and that’s what anime does for me.

STEREOGUM: You’ve had a lot of big collabs over the years, but one of your best complex was with Kendrick on To Pimp A Butterfly. What was your consequence of him aback you aboriginal met him? It seemed like he could’ve been a little alarming alike aback then.

THUNDERCAT: Well, not so intimidating. I’m from Compton too. There’s a allotment of it like, abnormally with the altered eras we’ve accomplished in LA, from the riots to Rodney King to Latasha Harlins, the altered ups and downs, or alike now while we’re watching aggregate shut down… I accepted Kendrick. As compared to intimidated, as compared to actuality put off by what he was exuding. I acquainted like I was with him. I acquainted like it was additionally me.

STEREOGUM: That anthology acutely has so abundant activity on. You angry him on to some Miles Davis. Aback that accomplished affair started up, was it like you and FlyLo, anybody aloof authoritative music and seeing how it develops, or were you aggravating to accompany him specific ideas?

THUNDERCAT: I feel like Kendrick knew what he wanted. He had ideas. He was like, “OK, I appetite to see area I can booty this.” I was added shocked… again, as I was adage with the music, it takes appearance and anatomy and you don’t consistently apperceive which way things are activity to bend. As I saw the abstraction of this anthology and saw it appear to fruition, I was absolutely absolute abroad at that. That allotment to me was like, “Whoa, Kendrick’s on one appropriate now.”

STEREOGUM: There’s been this accomplished commutual LA arena in your career, which To Pimp A Butterfly helped crystallize, but alternating the way you’ve additionally had some collabs that were, at atomic at the time, added unexpected. One of those was with Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald for “Show You The Way” on Drunk. This started because you talked about actuality a fan of Loggins?

THUNDERCAT: It was absolutely my piano player, Dennis [Hamm]. He had done a bit of touring with Kenny. He would see me and how I took it seriously, it started like, I’d be talking about Kenny’s music. I feel like maybe he captivated it off, but he was like, “You know, I acclimated to comedy with Kenny Loggins a bit,” and I was like “Oh, that’s dope.” It’s abundant aback you can accept moments area you can connect. There was no expectation, it wasn’t like, “Oh, OK, and now you will alarm him for me!” [Laughs]

There was annihilation that was traded aback and alternating at that point, it was like, “Oh, cool.” As time progressed, Kenny, he got austere as to what that meant. I said it on a radio account one time, how big of an access he was to me, and I anticipate he absolutely heard that. Aback he heard that I anticipate there was allotment of him that was like… he was absorbed a bit. By the time he accomplished out to me it was added like an, “Are you serious?” I’m consistently badinage about stuff, so I assumption he anticipation I was actuality silly, but I was like, “I’m asleep serious. I can sing you bristles of your songs appropriate now.”

It was his advancement that Michael McDonald get involved. I had no expectations. But I anticipate he aloof knew absolutely what bare to happen, and aback he knew that I anticipate that’s aback he got excited. I don’t get a adventitious to allocution about it a lot but that was a absolutely appropriate moment because they hadn’t formed calm aback the backward ’80s. He said it in casual while we were working. I mean, they talked all the time, they’re accompany and stuff, but the actuality they acclimated to actualize together, like annihilation abroad in life, it’s consistently alteration and morphing and acceptable added things.

And so in casual while we were working, I heard Kenny and Mike chatting like, “When’s the aftermost time we sat bottomward calm to address like this?” And I’m not joking, he said, “Maybe backward ’80s, aboriginal ’90s?” To me, I was anon like, angelic shit. It was one of those moments, I could’ve aloof cried. For me personally, it was a absolutely appropriate moment: “Oh my gosh, this is advancing calm over my music.” That’s a really, absolutely agrarian moment.

STEREOGUM: My bang-up is bedeviled with this Instagram. He told me I had to ask you what you talked to Joni Mitchell about.

THUNDERCAT: [Laughs]. Oh man. If you’re not into Joni Mitchell, you’re a allotment of shit. We can’t be accompany if you’re not into Joni Mitchell. Well, of advance one of the aboriginal things I spent time talking to her about was Jaco [Pastorius]. It was a air-conditioned moment too because I accept a account of Jaco tattooed on the aback of my leg, and I was all air-conditioned excited. I’m blessed I got a adventitious to accommodated Ms. Mitchell, and seeing as she’s from a bearing that’s boring leaving… but Joni, I appearance her the tattoo, and the aboriginal affair she says to me is, “Yeah, I admired the too but I wouldn’t get him tattooed on me.”

It was a acceptable beam for sure. That was, alike for her, at the time that his casual happened, that had to be difficult for her. I’ve apprehend so abundant about how abutting they were and things like that. I feel like it maybe fabricated her blessed to see the music would construe the way it did. You know, I aloof asked her a few questions about what it was like animate with him. I ambition I had a adventitious to absorb a little bit added time with her, it was affectionate of in passing. She’s acceptable accompany with Herbie [Hancock], and I anticipate it was through Herbie that she begin out about my music. And she capital to see me play. That was a actual important and admirable anniversary for me.

STEREOGUM: It about feels like “Them Changes” has become a accepted in the aftermost brace years. I apprehend it all the time, it’s gotta be your best accustomed abandoned song. Aback you wrote that one, did you anticipate like, this is added of a pop distinct than I’ve done before? Did you feel article there or did it appear randomly?

THUNDERCAT: A lot of the time… I won’t be thinking, “This is a specific blazon of omen.” It’s article that gets accounting based on feelings. I aloof apperceive I acquainted at the end of autograph that song, and I remember… in the moment that it happened, it was a awe-inspiring place, as it consistently is, but added than anything, I aloof alone acquainted blessed with it. I aloof alone acquainted blessed with actuality able to aback how I acquainted in such a manner.

STEREOGUM: So do you like Jojo’s awning or Ariana Grande’s awning better?

THUNDERCAT: [Laughs] It’s an absorbing moment, to be honest with you. Ariana and I accept become afterpiece in ablaze of contempo contest of course. I didn’t apperceive how to feel about it at first. She bankrupt up with my homeboy, and you apperceive how we get about these types of things. Alike for Mac, cuz he was animate at the time it happened, his acknowledgment was authentic shock. And I was additionally very, actual abundant abashed about that moment. Again, it’s one of those things… I’m blessed she did it. I’m actual appreciative, and I’m blessed she appreciates my music like that. And alternating with that, Jo is a friend. It’s abrupt for me, to be honest with you, it’s actual unexpected.

STEREOGUM: You’ve played a agglomeration of altered kinds of music over the years, and you’ve additionally announced about how FlyLo was one of the bodies who encouraged you to sing, be added of a arch man and body this abandoned career. Aback aback you were aboriginal arena in Suicidal Tendencies, were any of these possibilities of a ample approaching in music percolating in your head? Or was it aloof kinda like, “OK, cool, I’m in a batter band, this is my job.”

THUNDERCAT: I had no above-mentioned notion. I had no anatomy of advertence like, anytime I’ll be continuing up actuality accomplishing it by myself. I’m the affectionate of actuality that is usually in the moment of stuff. And I was actual blessed to be in the band.

STEREOGUM: You were absolutely adolescent afresh right?

THUNDERCAT: Yeah, I was accepting fun man. I was out there actuality crazy, you know?

STEREOGUM: Acutely your own music touches on a lot of altered aesthetics, but do you anytime get tempted to accept a activity area you comedy absolutely abundant music again?

THUNDERCAT: I mean, I’m not against to it. I’m not against to it at all. Worlds are so beyond that sometimes I do ambition that some accompany would ability out. I anticipate alike for the bodies I grew up with about Suicidal — like Afterlife By Stereo, Sworn Enemy, all those cats, Madball, Agnostic Front — all of the bodies I spent a lot of time about growing up, sometimes I ambition those dots would affix added often. But sometimes my accompany in that apple don’t alike admit me. I’m a accomplished altered person. I was a skinny, angular kid active around. But I’m consistently attractive for affairs to affix the dots. Hopefully it’ll appear added generally in the future.

STEREOGUM: Accustomed that you were a kid in California in the ’90s, were the Chili Peppers important to you growing up?

THUNDERCAT: Oh hell yeah man. We admired the bands that coin advanced and actuality like that. That’s a home team, you feel me?

STEREOGUM: Had you met them afore this performance?

THUNDERCAT: I had met Flea before, we consistently talked about aggravating to amount out means to do something. I’m actual beholden for Flea and the s award a abode for me.

STEREOGUM: You had formed with Donald Glover afore on Because The Internet.

THUNDERCAT: Aback he hit me to do [Atlanta], I could acquaint he was absolutely aggressive for article different. At first, that would be a moment that was cutting for me, but it was additionally one of those things. He accomplished out, and it anon was like, “Oh, OK, let’s do article that can be actual appropriate for this moment.” And that’s what happened. We had formed calm on abounding altered occasions prior, but this was a appropriate moment.

STEREOGUM: Is it article you’ve anticipation about aggravating to do more, scoring movies or TV?

THUNDERCAT: Eh, not — again, I tend to anticipate in the moment. If an befalling presents itself, of course.

STEREOGUM: There was this accomplished association you came up around, including Kamasi Washington and Terrace Martin, this accumulation of accompany arena applesauce growing up and afresh affectionate of accepting this added acceptance for this intersectional, boundary-breaking actuality in adulthood. You know, you and Kamasi accept played calm since, you’ve been on his albums, he’s abutting you onstage. Is it anytime surreal, cerebration about alive anniversary added aback afresh and now everyone’s arena on anniversary other’s albums?

THUNDERCAT: It’s not far-fetched. It feels like it’s aloof what happened next. The allotment area our lives accept advance out a bit is appealing trippy, area we acclimated to absorb so abundant time together. Now we’re alone accomplishing our own things and stuff, that’s added of a trip.

STEREOGUM: Like you said, you alive in the moment. But did you anytime anticipate about the abstraction of a bigger collab amid all of you, like accomplishing one accomplished almanac all together?

THUNDERCAT: I feel like … it’ll happen. Naturally, I would imagine, at some point.



STEREOGUM:… like, how did they angle this to you? Or, did they not angle it, exactly?

THUNDERCAT: I wasn’t absolutely told about the naked dude that came out. I don’t know, I’m aloof about half-expecting to get attempt out of a cannon at any time.

It Is What It Is is out 4/3 via Brainfeeder. Pre-order it here.

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