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Photograph by Thomas K. Arnold

Top 10 Owl Tattoo Ideas [10 Inspiration Guide] - tattoo owl and clock

Top 10 Owl Tattoo Ideas [10 Inspiration Guide] – tattoo owl and clock | tattoo owl and clock

It’s a Friday night in (pre-pandemic) south Oceanside. An all-embracing aggregation has arise out for the anniversary “In the Round” showcase, a night “dedicated to songs, the songwriters, and their stories.”

Up on stage, Kimmi Bitter — a albino who looks a lot like a adolescent Joni Mitchell, alone prettier — is strumming her guitar and singing bland country dejection ballads. On the ancillary wall, to the appropriate of the stage, huge impressionistic acrylic paintings of Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, and Louis Armstrong arise to be watching her. Their adventurous colors blot and reflect the date lights. Forth the top of the added ancillary wall, which opens to a continued bar fabricated of afflicted wood, are a brace of best longboards, aphotic brown, a nod to the neighborhood’s beachy vibe.

Photograph by Thomas K. Arnold

After a few songs, Bitter is abutting on date by addition singer-songwriter, Hilary Osterberg — a Linda Ronstadt-ish blazon with a broad-rim hat, a candied voice, and alive amber eyes — who introduces one of her songs with a sad anniversary of bistro disorders and a bender with depression.

Maybe two dozen bodies are aggregate about the tables in advanced of the stage, below addled beam admirers and a best disco brawl blind from the rafters. Three adolescent Marines in polo shirts and jeans. A lumberjack blazon in a flannel shirt with a baldheaded arch and a continued bristles A aging old man in a cape and a baseball cap that identifies him as a veteran. Two girls who arise to be in their aboriginal 20s, one in a floral pinafore and the added in a deficient analysis top and abbreviate skirt.

More bodies are lined up forth the bar to the left. Two middle-aged men in jeans and T-shirts adjustment rye whiskeys — Few, a exceptional cast — from the bartender, who, as instructed, pours the alcohol into a rocks bottle over a distinct ample ice cube. Next to them is a adolescent woman whose bouncing albino beard about covers the huge owl boom on her back.

Look about and you could be at any of the bars, pubs, and clubs that over the aftermost few years accept fabricated “South O” a hipster alliance allusive North Park. But the huge army moose head, its long- eyes watching over the allowance from the aback wall, accord the abode away: we’re at the Moose Lodge, which has alive this aforementioned atom aback afore anyone actuality tonight was born.

And if you attending closely, you’d affirm there’s a adumbration of a smile on the moose’s muzzle.

Kimmi Bitter and Hilary Osterberg accomplish at the Moose Lodge

Photograph by Thomas K. Arnold

Take over the Moose

The Moose Lodge, allotment of the All-embracing Loyal Adjustment of Moose, is amid on the west ancillary of the old Coast Highway aloof afore the alley dips through Buena Vista Lagoon into Carlsbad. From the outside, it looks like article beeline from the pages of a 1960s Activity anniversary photo article on alone Americana. Built in the aboriginal 1900s, the two-story, quasi-Spanish-style building, with a corrective brick exoteric and a huge aglow Moose Abode 1325 assurance out front, has been home to the Oceanside affiliate of the all-embracing anniversary and congenial alignment aback 1949.

Drive accomplished the architecture and you can about anticipate a accumulation of old men, bisected of them drunk, analogously dressed in white shirts, gray suits, ties and hats, administration blue jokes and growing red in the face as they altercate Communists, hippies, and the Kennedys.

The All-embracing Loyal Adjustment of Moose, afterwards all, is a congenial and anniversary club founded in 1888 about an hour’s drive west of Chicago in Mooseheart, Illinois. It was spoofed by Jackie Gleason and Art Carney on The Honeymooners as the All-embracing Adjustment of Loyal Raccoons, and in 1972 fabricated anniversary aback K. Leroy Irvis, a atramentous Pennsylvania accompaniment lawmaker, was arrive to appointment a abode in Harrisburg as a guest, alone to be banned anniversary in the dining allowance on anniversary of his race.

Moose Abode governor Jay Malik and Allen Carrasco, one of the longtime Oceanside association who adored the Moose Abode alpha in 2015.

Photograph by Thomas K. Arnold

Like abounding anniversary clubs, including Rotary International, the Loyal Adjustment of Moose for years bound associates to men. Rotary, goaded by a Supreme Court ruling, accepted women in 1987, and others anon followed.

Membership in the All-embracing Loyal Adjustment of Moose, however, charcoal bound to males over the age of 21 — although there is a abstracted organization, the Women of Moose, whose associates additionally are accustomed into the association’s 1600 lodges throughout the Affiliated States, Canada, and Abundant Britain. (The two organizations will clearly absorb in 2021).

But all of that is beside the point. To digest the cliché, this ain’t your grandfather’s Moose Lodge.

Ever aback a accumulation of Oceanside locals took over the lodge’s allotment in 2015, the Moose Abode in south Oceanside has accustomed itself as one of the hippest, trendiest. and busiest alive music venues in all of North County, a members-only club area bounded favorites and civic touring acts such as the Pat Travers Bandage arise on stage, generally at allowances and fundraisers. Beneficiaries ambit from Appropriate Olympics and Toys for Tots to Wounded Warriors and a bounded artist adversity from cancer.

Downstairs sitting room, with jukebox and appliance abounding with Moose memorabilia.

Photograph by Thomas K. Arnold

From the Oceanside lodge’s website: “The Oceanside Moose Abode is accepted for hip gatherings, altruistic purpose, and unapologetic littoral vibe. It’s the best kept abstruse in South O for alarming bands, adroit cocktails, and absurd humanity.”

Aside from the blow allowance and bar, there’s a bench “sitting room” and bold room, the closing able with a basin and a foosball table. The sitting room, decked out in mid-century furnishings, includes a jukebox with such abstract as Marty Robbins’ “El Paso,” Al Martino’s “Spanish Eyes” and Dean Martin’s “Memories are Fabricated of This.” There’s a chantry of sorts to the Moose Lodge’s illustrious past, including a assemblage of booklets — Moose Rituals, a Pocket Secretary, and an Official Manual for Moose Admiral and Committeemen — and different memorabilia such as a pen angle with a cartoon of a moose and a applique that reads, “Strong and Majestic.”

The walls of the sitting allowance and the aperture are adorned with black-and-white photos of accomplished Moose Abode admiral and colorized photos of “Ladies of the Moose.”

10+ Awesome Owl Clock Tattoos - tattoo owl and clock

10+ Awesome Owl Clock Tattoos – tattoo owl and clock | tattoo owl and clock

Upstairs is a ample lounge and art gallery, area associates are chargeless to relax aback the abode is open, Wednesday through Friday nights, alpha at 5 pm. Saturdays are aloof for fundraisers and appropriate events. One such show, about a year ago, hosted a alliance for This Kids, a accepted North County bandage from the 1970s and 80s. Guitarist Stevie Salas, the band’s best acclaimed alumnus, was there. He has toured and recorded with Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, and George Clinton, and enjoyed a abandoned career with an abnormally able song abject in Japan.

Dance attic while Aviator Stash is playing.

Photograph by Thomas K. Arnold

“Here’s the thing, aback we were kids actuality in Oceanside, already a year, addition would get their grandfathering to let us use the Moose Lodge, and it was like walking aback in time — corrupt curtains, beat floors, a absolute blue place,” Salas recalls. “We would comedy and accept parties and there would be women bartenders who were like 70 years old. And again cast to bristles years ago, aback my buddies who I grew up with absitively they capital to booty over the Moose and animate it.”

The abode was a dump

One of those “buddies” was Allen Carrasco, a 57-year-old Oceanside built-in who works as a self-employed artistic director. Carrasco, like Salas, remembers the Moose Abode from his boyish years. From time to time, he and his accompany would hire the abode for parties and fundraisers.

Fast-forward to 2015. Carrasco capital to bandy a account concert for a friend’s babe who was adversity from a academician tumor. He absitively to analysis out the Moose Lodge, and as anon as he absolved through the door, he could see that it had attenuated decidedly aback he had aftermost been in the place.

“I absolved into the abode one day aback it was raining,” he recalls. “Water was aperture from the ceiling, and at one end of the bar were four old s, cloudburst their beers over ice and not alike noticing. The abode was a dump; you could aroma it from beyond the street.”

Moans at the Moose Lodge.

Photograph by Thomas K. Arnold

Still, the allowance was big and the amount was right. The concert, featuring a scattering of bounded bands, was a huge success, Carrasco recalls. “We arranged the place. And at the end of the night, afterwards we gave this little babe $2000, a accumulation of us was continuing alfresco at two in the morning, attractive at that behemothic Moose Abode sign, all lit up, and we said, ‘We accept to do article about this place.’”

Carrasco and some of his pals met with Peter Katzmark, at the time the lodge’s baton – alleged “governor” – and he aggregate his agitation at the Moose Lodge’s apologetic state. “There were maybe 25 members, all over 70, on the roster, and bisected of them were apparently deceased, aloof so they could accumulate the numbers up so [the Moose organization’s leadership] wouldn’t abutting it down,” Carrasco recalls. “They busy the admiral out to Alcoholics Anonymous, and they paid aloof abundant hire to accumulate the abode open. But aloof barely. None of the accouterments worked, there were trays beneath every faucet, and atramentous cast in the walls. It was aloof Band-Aid over Band-Aid.”

Katzmark angry the club’s allotment over to Carrasco and crew, “and we gutted the place,” Carrasco said. They adequate the interior, anchored the plumbing, crafted a new copse accomplishments for the bar and tore out the beam in the capital room, advertisement “these admirable amber rafters.” Again they corrective the abode in red, brown, and azure paint. “The walls were an accident,” Carrasco said. “We had aloof corrective them aback the adhesive came aback and said he hadn’t yet sanded them. To appearance us, he sanded a baby allocation of the bank which created these absolutely air-conditioned white streaks. So we told him to accumulate going.”

Restoring the Moose Abode “is aloof a connected process,” says Jay Malik, a retired Marine Corps colonel who serves as the Lodge’s accepted governor. While the bar and ball allowance were the aboriginal to be anchored up, “we aloof put all the gaming actuality in there a ages ago.”

Today, the Moose Abode No. 1325 has about 450 members, anniversary of whom pays anniversary ante of $45. That grants them acceptance to the bounded lodge, and to all added Moose Lodges. (Admission to account concerts is extra.) The money goes to the all-embracing Moose alignment in Illinois to abutment Mooseheart, a 1000-acre campus alfresco Chicago that serves as a clandestine educational and safe alive ability for up to 500 accouchement and adolescence in need; and Moosehaven, a retirement association alfresco Jacksonville, Florida, that provides assisted alive for earlier Moose members.

The bounded Moose Abode raises abundant money from ability rentals, fundraising activities and bar and commodity s to pay taxes and allowance on the architecture “and accumulate the lights on,” Malik says. On top of that, he says, the abode raises as abundant as $75,000 a year for charity, aback you amalgamate contest produced by the abode itself with alfresco fundraisers by added nonprofits.

“At our heart, we are still absolute abundant a altruistic organization,” he says.

The Moose Abode No. 1325 is run by a 12-member lath of volunteers currently headed by Malik as governor. It includes John Gilley, who has been a affiliate for added than 30 years and was one of the aboriginal aggregation who adored the abode with Carrasco; Sean Griffin, a retired San Diego acquittal officer; Kim Blaylock, retired Carlsbad Fire Department army chief; Tony Mata, a above able surfer; and banking adviser Mark Buckman, additionally a affiliate of the aboriginal awakening crew.

Come back, Dougie boy

Saturday night. The Moose Abode is packed, a becloud of bouncing bodies as a celebrity bandage — including Ron Blair, the longtime bassist with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, now a Carlsbad resident; and Winston Watson, who drummed for Bob Dylan in the 1990s afterwards a assignment in Stevie Salas’ post-This Kids band, Color Code — plays archetypal bedrock favorites like Dave Mason’s “Feelin’ Alright,” fabricated acclaimed by Joe Cocker, and Bad Company’s “Ready for Love.”

It’s a account for the ALMA Rescue Foundation — Animals’ Lives Matter, Consistently — a bounded alms run by Erin Riley-Carrasco, Allen Carrasco’s wife. Tickets are $30, abrupt for the Moose Lodge, but hey, it’s for a acceptable cause. There’s a artery taco angle operated by the Oceanside Kitchen Collaborative, $3 abstract beer, and a bashful bargain and raffle area prizes ambit from assorted alive baskets to vacation rentals and allowance cards to some absolutely air-conditioned restaurants as able-bodied as spas and facials.

And besides, the band! Aside from Blair and Watson, the agenda includes three This Kids alumni: advance accompanist Patrick Pinamonti — who now works as an electrician but by all rights should accept hit it big in music, accustomed that he’s got a set of pipes about in amid Steve Perry of Journey and Bon Scott, the aboriginal advance accompanist in AC/DC — guitarist Paul Martinez, and keyboardist Dave Judy. Stevie Salas was declared to accomplish it, but he was angry up in Toronto.

Warming up the crowd: accepted bounded groups the Keg Bandage and 40 Proof.

The best arresting affair about tonight’s account is the assortment of the crowd. Young, old, old, young. Hippie, hipster, and not so hip.

I aboriginal became acquainted of the Moose Abode in south Oceanside in the backward 1990s, aback adolescent Carlsbad citizen Doug Desjardins and I both formed at a home ball barter publication, Video Store Magazine. Best days, we carpooled and sometimes aback I-5 was backed up we’d leave the freeway at Oceanside Harbor and booty the Coast Highway bottomward south.

owl and clock tattoos - YouTube - tattoo owl and clock

owl and clock tattoos – YouTube – tattoo owl and clock | tattoo owl and clock

Each time we collection by the Moose Lodge, we laughed and joked about joining. We envisioned a agglomeration of old men with moose hats, aback our alone point of advertence was the Racoons of Jackie Gleason fame. Already or twice, we alike chock-full by, absent to booty a attending around. But the aperture was consistently locked.

Well, Dougie boy, added than 20 years afterwards you should arise back.

The earlier associates adulation it

Music brings in the people, bodies who $45 anniversary memberships, which keeps the abode in acceptable graces with the all-embracing organization, and bodies who drinks, which supports the club’s operational and altruistic efforts.

John Gilley, was one of the aboriginal aggregation that adored the Moose Abode in 2015. He was additionally the alone one who was an absolute affiliate of the lodge, accepting abutting in 1991, aback he was 24. “At the time, I was aggravating to get into announcement bounded musicians, bands, deejays, that arrangement of thing, and I was attractive for a abode to host events,” says Gilley, a 52-year-old AT&T manager. “My dad and uncle had recommended I allocution to the lath and present to them what I was aggravating to do, so I did, and I anguish up joining.”

At first, Gilley said, he produced a concert or a ball every added month, which fabricated the lath happy, because the bar did acceptable business. But afterwards he got affiliated and began a family, his contest grew beneath frequent, “and again afterwards a while, I abdicate accomplishing them altogether.”

Until now. “Music is our best access to draw bodies in,” Gilley says. “When we started this project, anybody complex was either in the music arena or about the music business in one anatomy or another, whether it was absolute musicians or managing groups or accomplishing complete or aloof actuality accompany with musicians. The North County music arena has consistently been assorted and vibrant, and we acquainted the best way to abduction the demographic we bare in adjustment to abate the abode was to focus on alive music. And the funny affair is, the earlier associates adulation it. They were appropriate in footfall with it.”

Today, agreeable acts comedy every Friday night, appointed by Shane Dolly, a bounded drummer. The aboriginal Friday of the ages is aloof for singers and songwriters, modeled afterwards the Bluebird Café in Nashville. Added Fridays affection an arrangement of blues, country, folk-rock, abundant metal, and alike jailbait bands, with an accent on “Americana,” accustomed the lodge’s adjacency to Camp Pendleton and the actuality that a acceptable allotment of its associates are alive or retired military.

Regulars accommodate the Keg Band, 40 Proof, and the Tighten-Ups. From time to time, big names bead in, such as the Paladins, a acclaimed rockabilly bandage whose actor bassist, Thomas Yearsley, owns a recording flat aloof bottomward the street.

“We’ve additionally had country royalty: Trey Twitty, the grandson of Conway Twitty, and Taylor Lynn, the granddaughter of Loretta Lynn,” Gilley says. “We’ve had folksingers, and we’ve had jailbait bands with mosh pits.”

Mosh pits and bound antlers

The Oceanside Moose Abode is not artlessly addition club for alive music. The abode holds account affairs area traditions and rituals such as the Legend of the Bound Horns and the Nine O’Clock Commemoration are anxiously honored.

The Legend of the Bound Horns comes first. According to The Abode Handbook, aftermost adapted in January 2015, afterwards the aperture adoration and address to the banderole comes this barter amid the Governor and members:

Governor: “Brothers, what is the assignment of every Moose member? You will echo afterwards me. To advocate our congenial obligations.”

Members: “To advocate our congenial obligations.”

Governor: “To strengthen and advance the Defending Circle.”

Members: “To strengthen and advance the Defending Circle.”

Governor: “And in our circadian lives conduct….”

Members: “And in our circadian lives conduct….”

Governor: “… To body Purity, Aid, and Progress.”

Members: “…To body Purity, Aid, and Progress.”

Governor: “Brothers, anatomy the Defending Amphitheater by agreement your larboard duke over your affection as a badge of sincerity, abode your appropriate duke on the larboard accept of the Brother to your appropriate as a badge of friendship, and accept to the ‘Legend of the Bound Horns.’”

(Officers and associates anatomy the Defending Amphitheater about the altar. Anniversary affiliate faces the chantry and positions easily as instructed. The governor waits until the amphitheater is formed and again advances to Position 8 through an aperture created by the sergeant-at-arms. The sergeant-at-arms opens and again closes the amphitheater afterwards demography his abode in advanced of the governor’s station. The governor places his larboard duke over his heart, but does not accession his appropriate hand.)

Governor: “In the earliest wilds of the northland, two blue-blooded moose, leaders of their herds, met in baleful combat. Today, their bound antlers, a bashful admonition of the futility of animosity and conflict, lie acerbic on the plains. We accommodated tonight as brothers affiliated in a accepted cause. Let the spirit of accord and congenial attention adviser our deliberations. Otherwise, we will be addled to the assignment of the ‘Locked Horns.’ Brothers, I acceptable you and ask you to acknowledgment to your places and abide standing.”

I blooper into the Moose Abode on a Wednesday evening. It’s lath affair night, and the 12 lath associates are sitting about a table in the admiral lounge, in advanced of them either a Pacifico beer, an iPhone, or both. Business is ambagious down, but some questions remain. A few bar stools charge to be replaced — the best amount is for a dozen, but is that too many? Should the alternating art display in the admiral arcade accommodate boom artists? How can the abode best appoint bounded merchants? Perhaps by alms discounts on the Moose Abode website? And how is assignment advanced on the storyboards that account the Moose Lodge’s history, which Malik would like to see afraid up in the access corridor?

Skull and owl with clock tattoo - - tattoo owl and clock

Skull and owl with clock tattoo – – tattoo owl and clock | tattoo owl and clock

At the end of the meeting, lath associates acceleration up and face against the northeast. It’s time for addition Moose tradition, the Nine O’clock Ceremony. Again, according to The Abode Handbook: “At the hour of nine o’clock pm, wherever Moose are aggregate in the name of the Order, they are requested to stand, face against Mooseheart, bend their accoutrements beyond their chests, and for a moment bow their active in bashful prayer, repeating in concert the words of the Nine O’clock Ceremony. At a approved affair the governor should alarm for the commemoration as abutting to nine o’clock as possible.”

(It’s alone 7, but as Malik tells me later, that’s 9 in Mooseheart.)

Governor: (gives two raps) “It is now nine o’clock. At this time the little accouchement at Mooseheart kneel at their beds to say their black prayers. Let us face against Mooseheart (governor gestures in the administration of Mooseheart), bend our arms, bow our heads, and accompany them in bashful prayer.

(Lights angry low but never off, angelus articulate boring nine times.)

Governor: “Repeat afterwards me: Let the little accouchement arise to me.”

Members: “Let the little accouchement arise to me.”

Governor: “Do not accumulate them away.”

Members: “Do not accumulate them away.”

Governor: “For they are like the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Members: “For they are like the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Governor: “God absolve Mooseheart.”

Members: “God absolve Mooseheart.”

Gilley said it’s important to advance some of the key Moose traditions, like the aperture and closing ceremonies. “We don’t appetite to lose afterimage of what the alignment stands for,” he says. “As a group, we still charge to be reminded of who we are and what we angle for. Accepting fun and alert to alive music is great, but at the end of the day we’re there for the community, to do our allotment for our adolescent citizens.”

A dying breed

All told, the 1600 Moose Lodges accept a absolute associates of about 650,000. A scattering accept followed the Oceanside Moose Abode archetypal and reinvented themselves. Best haven’t.

The agenda for the Moose Abode in Belleville, Michigan, a boondocks of beneath than 4000 bodies in Wayne County, about 30 afar southwest of Detroit, includes affect games, bowling tournaments and a Sunday afternoon Accomplish & Booty Crafts work.

The Moose Abode in Huntsville, Alabama, is accepted for its account Friday bingo nights, while the Moose Abode in Sylvania, Ohio, boasts a account Sunday morning “beer breakfast,” a Friday afternoon angle fry and bake, and such appropriate contest as a March 28 gun raffle.

Closer to home, the Moose Abode in Kearny Mesa, on Ruffin Road, offers account shuffleboard tournaments, a basin league, and ball lessons.

The Moose Abode in Jacksonville, Florida, was shut bottomward beneath than a year ago by the All-embracing Loyal Adjustment of Moose. Tab Turke, the lodge’s aftermost “governor,” told a bounded radio station, “We’ve been, for absolutely some time, accepting banking hardships and cursory membership, as able-bodied as a abridgement of advance participation…. Truthfully, I accept that anniversary clubs are starting to abate now. Our boilerplate age of associates was about 55-60, and we do accept a adamantine time recruiting adolescent members.”

Carrasco can sympathize. “We’re one of the fastest-growing Moose Lodges in the country,” he says. “People arise actuality from all over Southern California and alike added genitalia of the country and they say, ‘Wow, this place…’”

Carrasco credits the Oceanside association as abundant as anyone for resurrecting the old Moose Abode No. 1325.

“We accept a lot of appropriate contest like altogether parties and canonizing services,” he says. “A acquaintance donated a complete arrangement and brought a agglomeration of kids in, so now the School of Bedrock is actuality two or three times a year, and from 10 am until 10 pm we’re arranged with families, aloof as if you had gone to a Little Alliance bold and the bleachers were full.”

City leaders, too, “have accepted us,” Carrasco says. “We hosted a canonizing for the Oceanside Police bagman who was in a car accident,” he says. “The ambassador was actuality on our date a few weeks ago, arena music, and every burghal board affiliate has been actuality as well.”

Chuck Lowery, a above councilmember and agent mayor, says, “I apperceive what they’re accomplishing there and I anticipate it’s appealing awesome. They accept taken a absolutely rundown, about asleep alignment and pumped some activity into it. It’s amazing.”

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